Xun Power Corp: reimagining the US energy grid

THE PROBLEM: Wasted Energy Patterns

A mismatch between the time energy is produced and the time it is consumed.
Over the past 25 years, the United States power grids have dumped into the ground over $39 Billion of excess energy each year.
Xun Power's goal is to fix this monolith of a problem and give both the power grid companies and the consumers a win/win solution.




(Long Duration Energy Storage - Flywheel Energy Storage System)

Benefits of the the LDES - FESS

No Waste

Excess energy would no longer be needed to be dumped. LDES-FESS will be able to capture that energy with ease.


The LDES-FESS disruptive business model offers the grids a "NO COST" energy storage system to meet state mandates while lowering both of their CAPEX and operating cost, which means these savings will eventually be passed on to consumers.


FESS is proven technology, which is being used as backup storage systems at hospitals, data centers, etc. Xun Power Corporation is scaling up the FESS to be LDES to meet the needs of the grids.

Why does the United States need LDES-FESS?

Environmentally Friendly

The LDES-FESS system can capture wasted electricity and reintroduce the wasted electricity back into the grid on demand.

Lowered Carbon Emissions

XPC introducing the LDES-FESS system will dramatically decrease the use of peaker plants (powered by natural gas or petroleum), and in doing so will greatly decrease the United States Carbon Emissions.


The LDES-FESS system is an economical, safe, environmentally friendly and sustainable form of energy storage.

Our Values Make Us Different

Embrace Innovation & Challenge Modern Boundaries

At Xun Power, we seek proactive, driven individuals who embrace innovation and challenge boundaries. Our employees should demonstrate a growth mindset, adaptability, and entrepreneurial thinking. We value open communication, collaboration, and diversity. Together, we aim to create a positive impact, revolutionize the industry, and deliver exceptional solutions.
Embrace Creative Thinking
Adobt a Growth Mindset
Be Adaptability

Ownership & Responsibility

At Xun Power, we prioritize ownership and responsibility. We expect employees to take ownership of their work, demonstrating a strong sense of responsibility. This means being accountable for actions, decisions, and commitments. We value proactive problem-solving and high-quality outputs. By embodying ownership and responsibility, we build trust, exceed expectations, and drive organizational success.
Embrace ownership
Demonstrate Accountability
Drive Excellence

Collective Collaboration

At Xun Power, collaboration is key. We value employees who actively engage in teamwork, bringing diverse skills and perspectives. Through open communication and mutual respect, we foster an environment where innovative ideas thrive. By harnessing the collective strength of our team, we drive innovation and deliver exceptional results.
Synergistic Partnerships
Open Communication
Collaborative Innovation

Building Trust: A Foundation for Strong Relationships

We emphasize the importance of trust at Xun Power. We believe that trust is the foundation for strong relationships with our clients, partners, and within our team. We value reliability, integrity, and transparent communication to establish and maintain trust in all aspects of our wor
Demonstrate Integrity
Practice Reliability
Emphasize open communication

An Uncompromising Commitment to Quality

We uphold a culture of continuous improvement and a relentless pursuit of exceptional results at Xun Power. We set high standards for ourselves and strive to exceed expectations in every endeavor. By fostering an environment that values innovation, continuous learning, and attention to detail, we aim to consistently deliver outstanding performance and provide unparalleled solutions to our clients and partners.
Uphold Higher Standards
Foster Innovation
Embrace Learning & New Concepts

Commited to Reliable Performance

Consistency is a core value at Xun Power, representing our commitment to reliable and dependable performance. In this section, we emphasize the importance of maintaining consistent quality standards and reliable delivery in all aspects of our work. We believe that by upholding consistency, we build trust, exceed expectations, and achieve long-term success.
Ensure Reliability
Always Improve
Uphold XPC Standards & Values
LDES - FESScan handle it all.
How can this be pulled off? We will install our systems at NO cost to the grids. We will be an energy producer recycling wasted energy dumped into the ground by the grids.
Revamping The USA grid
Our disruptive business model allows us to provide the LDES-FESS at no cost to the grids.
Lower Operating Costs
Not only will XPC achieve profitability, but the grids will be more efficient as well! They will be able to lower their CAPEX costs and their operating costs.
Long Duration Times
The LDES-FESS system is engineered to be able to store energy for duration discharge times longer than 10 hours, which could then be reintroduced into the grid on demand.
Reduction in Use of Peaker Plants
Grid companies rely heavily on Peaker Plants in times of high demand. The LDES-FESS system changes this.
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Four Sources of Revenue Streams

Grid PPA's

XPC will pursue PPA agreements sourced from the grid companies

Private PPA's

Another potential source of revenue for XPC will be Private PPA agreements with corporations and government agencies.


XPC will also pursue Energy Power Packs (EPP), which is sales to consumers at discounted rate to the market.

Carbon Credits

Along with tax incentives, carbon credits are a huge benefit to both our investors and the grid companies.